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Amped UA2000 Review & Specs

The UA2000 adapter is unique because unlike many USB wireless adapters, it is a bigger device that could stand beneath a desk or clip into a laptop. It is not, in other words, a little pole that fits into a USB port. Its large size makes it embarrassing to clip into a notebook display and it might occupy a fantastic part of the viewing region.

Especially because the seller recommends facing it at the direction of ( this router for optimum performance) so it is not perfect for clipping to smaller netbooks and laptops on the front of the display.


USB adapters are utilized to offer wireless connectivity into a computer which might not have a wireless card, like an older desktop computer or a notebook. They may also be used to join a machine using an older media card into newer 802.11n wireless networks. Amped succeeds fairly well at these jobs, and in addition, it provides some useful added features.

Another exceptional feature is the adapter has two USB connectors. Linking to 2 USB ports increases the ability to the adapter, also in accordance with the seller, can optimize functionality. It’s possible, however, still use the adapter attached to only one USB port.


The adapter ships with a well-documented installment manual. The initial and most crucial step is to set up the software before connecting the adapter.

The CD automatically starts a dab page which lets you set up the software, see a setup video, enroll the product, set up a free Wi-Fi analytics application, read user manuals, or visit Internet support. Additionally, the splash page opens with a magical chime sound which produces the setup procedure quite a tasteful affair.

Selecting the set up software alternative really matches the Amped Wireless Utility. When full, you can connect the adapter into the device.


I attached the adapter to 2 USB interfaces in an HP EliteBook 8440w running Windows 7. The HP laptop already has an inbuilt wireless adapter (that I use for testing routers). I was happy to realize that the Amped Wireless utility noticed that there were just two cards and popped up a message requesting me to disable a card. On the other hand, the concept kept popping up again and now even after I disabled the on-board adapter; obviously a bit more development work is necessary there.

After the machine restarts, there’s currently an Amped Wireless Utility icon in the System Tray. Right-clicking in the icon provides three choices: Establish Config Utility, Change into AP Mode, and Exit.

Config Utility

Even the Config utility lists all of Wi-Fi networks in closeness, in addition to the 802.11 standard each affirms, the kind of authentication, MAC address, and the signal power. In the utility, then you can click the wireless system that you would like to get and join.

As soon as you’re connected, the utility provides additional information like throughput speed, client IP address, and station. The throughput rate exhibited from the utility provides the exact same wireless speed info that Windows 7 does–the theoretical throughput of the hardware instead of the true throughput. I don’t see maximum throughput within my RF-interference thick, real-world testing atmosphere.

That amount isn’t the true throughput that a test using Ixia’s IXChariot proves. As an example, during performance testing in 5 GHz, the usefulness reported 300 Mbps throughput if Ixia revealed 130 Mbps. More precise throughput reporting is necessary, however, the utility will not allow for fast linking to a wireless community and serves as a system detection instrument.

Change to AP Mode

The Switch into AP Mode alternative is employed as an innovative feature. Which allows you turn a notebook or desktop using the UA2000 attachedinto an entry point. Known as a”soft AP.” You plug This capacity turns the UA2000 to a mobile travel router of types. Convenient to be used in a hotel room or conference room with only 1 network/Internet cable link.

You are able to turn that 1 link into a wireless, on-the-fly hotspot. For additional wireless customers (provided the 1 link has DHCP). To escape AP mode, simply right-click again to the Amped Wireless utility icon. From the System Tray, and choose”Switch to customer mode”


Testing throughput and array together with the UA2000 vs the on-board Intel Centrino adapter. In my analyzing customer showed range improvements regardless. Of which group I was attached to, either 2.4 or 5 GHz. I managed to acquire a sign using all the UA2000 at distances. I typically eliminate connectivity roughly 100 feet away from the router. The sign was fairly slow in 2.4 GHz, but was fairly quick in 5 GHz at this space.

Amped Wireless High Power Directional Double Bnad USB Adapter UA2000 Performance Outcomes

Adapter Great for Range and Features With A Few Performance Hits

The UA2000 is a great adapter to utilize Amped Wireless routers, especially in the event that you have range problems or have a wireless customer using a older 802.11x port. Throughput was at 5 GHz with Amped Wireless’ own adapter compared to the Intel Centrino on-board adapter, and it is a highly effective 3×3 adapter. Performance required a hit 2.4 GHz in contrast to the Intel adapter.

If you’re interested in finding a USB 802.11n port for a laptop or desktop computer that doesn’t have wireless, then the UA2000 is a fantastic bet, regardless of the functionality problems at 2.4 GHz and naturally, you may use it together with other router manufacturers apart from Amped Wireless (I suggest using the producer’s external adapters using their version of routers to get optimum functionality, yet ).

The wireless detection feature along with the capability to convert the adapter to an abysmal access stage, means you sre getting more attributes than you perform in normal USB adapters.


  • 802.11a/b/g/n payable
  • 300Mbps Transfer Rate
  • 2.4GHz, 5.0GHz Frequency Bands
  • High Gain Directional Antenna
  • Double USB 2.0 Compatibility
  • WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA Mixed, WPS Security

Amped UA2000 Driver Download Installation Guide

For Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and VISTA 32/64 Bit

  • Filename    :
  • Size              :      32 MB

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