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Netgear A6200 Review & Specs

Netgear AC1900 I A6200 is a wireless adapter product purchased this year. The best products offered are extraordinary advantages. You definitely want your internet connection to be stable and fast. On this occasion, NetGear has launched its flagship product. Specially offered for those who want to launch daily missions.

Netgear AC1900 is a product that has the most unique specifications. And here we will explain the Netgear AC1900 specifications and technical specifications. And in the end, we will explain a little knowledge to those of you who don’t understand the wireless adapter. Is that a driver and so on.

We immediately asked for specifications from Netgear AC1900. Netgear can process signals taken from the router to produce 600Mbps at 2.4GHz and will increase its power to 1300Mbps at 5GHz. Thus your connection to the internet will be faster depending on you using the type you should.

Netgear AC1900 is also the same as other wireless adapters that are very compatible with computers that use Mac and Windows based operating systems. Then Access to send files and receive files will be faster if you connect to a USB 3.0 port. if your computer is only available with a USB 2.0 port no problems can also be used immediately. Netgear AC1900 uses iFi standard technology with type 802.11ac Dual Band WiFi

For the Netgear AC1900 specification, it has unique and small dimensions. Only 119.9 x 46 x 22 mm or equal (4.7 x 1.8 x 0.87 in). Received with a weight of 66.5 g or equal to (0.147 lb). And for the standard IE IE® 802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz / IEEE 802.11 a / n / ac 5.0GHz.

Why is a wireless adapter needed

Required because the wifi installed at the office or at the coffee shop is very far from our location. Different if you use wifi personally. And offices usually only use one wifi signal for all employees. You can be happy if the users will be very crowded. Coupled with the speed divided. Really makes your performance hampered.

What is a wireless adapter

Wireless adapters are additional devices to maximize your computer. Especially on its part, the wifi signal. Because the function of this product is to pull signals from the wifi faster than remote locations. Then after the signal is taken it will be re-processed to be faster than usual. Then you will be very easy to find something on the internet.

Where adapter products can be purchased

You can get this product through ordering via an online store. Because online stores have become the best target for sales. Moreover, if you are very lazy to leave the house. To find the shop where this product is sold. Because this product is rarely in demand by users. So shop owners are also lazy to sell. Because it made him lose. Therefore you can immediately search on your subscription’s online store.

Why is the wireless adapter driver required

The driver is the performance controller of this product. So when you install this product on a computer. Will be read and will function optimally. The opposite is that if there are no drivers, this product is useless. Because it can’t work as described in the specifications above.

What is the difference between each wireless adapter product

Clear differences in each product only on the type offered. In terms of its shape can also distinguish it. Moreover, the differences are very super, namely. The difference when this product processes signals. What is pulled from the WiFi signal beam is faster than before.

How to maintain a wireless adapter

You can do maintenance by controlling the cleanliness of the product. Make sure before use the product is not exposed to water. Because it will endanger the installation process to the computer. Then when you use it you must still control the temperature of the product. If it’s too hot, you stop for a moment. Before the internal components come off and explode. And finally you have to store it in a safe place.

Netgear AC1900 I A6200 Driver Download Installation Guide

For Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, VISTA, XP 32/64 Bit

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