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Netgear R6900 Review & Specs


This will let you connect both an external hard disk drive or similar apparatus that may benefit from the excess speed given from USB 3.0, along with a different device into the USB 2.0 port. Obviously, it’s all your choice to think of just how important this is and whether you will probably utilize the excess feature.

Fancy a few Tomato, OpenWRT or even DD-WRT to pimp your router? Well, that is all possible with the R7000. Provided that you understand what you are doing, it is a excellent way of gaining considerably more control on your router.

The R6900 nevertheless, doesn’t. You have got the stock firmware, which is it really. No flashing potential. The rod firmware is most likely fine for many people, but should need to receive your hands dirty, the R7000 is gonna be the one to select for.

AC1900: Super Quick Speeds And Double Band

This signifies is you will have tons of bandwidth to permit a lot of devices (that won’t be an infinite number!) To link to the router and use bandwidth-intensive pursuits like streaming HD video across your LAN in a connected disk (or streaming box onto a different appliance), online gambling, and basic internet browsing, while being”policed” by the QoS attribute these routers feature – helping keep things working smoothly.

The simple fact that they’re equally dual-band also means you’ll have the ability select the ideal ring for your device by placing those which require a quicker connection, on the 5GHz band. Utilize the 2.4GHz band for less significant nodes, or even ones which are at the border (or off the border!) Of this 5GHz wifi policy region. Yes, 2.4GHz generally covers a larger distance.

These two routers use Netgear’s beamforming technologies to concentrate your wifi signal, thus providing apparatus, particularly those on the external borders of your system, a more reliable and quicker wifi link though they might be some distance from the router.

Superfast wired link, and a lot of them

Both routers include five Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. One of that will be WAN and four of that are LAN. This means that you can connect up to four devices directly to a router to provide them a much more reliable link that’s more prone to problems like latency.

We are not saying do not use wireless, but cabled Ethernet is normally a stronger method of linking to a gateway to the world wide web. Look at using Ethernet if you are a gamer.

While being able and bandwidth to provide several links is great, it is nothing if the router does not have the processing capability to back this up. Fortunately, this should not be a issue with both of both of these routers because they both bring superb strong dual-core 1GHz chips to the table.

It follows that even once you have several devices connected to a system, your router should not have any difficulties.

QoS helps restrain traffic

Both routers provide Dynamic QoS. By way of instance, if you are engaging in a video conference call, you may place your router to prioritize traffic to and from this apparatus and program (the true video conferencing).

Other nodes in your system, or software take should”give way” to some video conferencing that you do on such a device.

This ought to indicate that your video conference runs smoothly, without the prospect of audio or video reduction. . .or of this vc call falling altogether.

Downstream and upstream directions are catered for (the upstream QoS purpose is advocated just for players ), and demands little setup. Numerous devices and applications can be preferred, according to MAC address or right down to person Ethernet LAN interfaces,

Item description

Accelerate your WiFi using NETGEAR Nighthawk! Enjoy quick WiFi speeds around 1900 Mbps plus a strong dual core 1GHz chip for intense performance. High-powered amplifiers, external antennas and Beamforming+ enhance scope and reliability to get up to 100 percent more wireless coverage. Characteristics like downstream and upstream QoS prioritize streaming and gambling, Developing a blazing-fast, lag-free WiFi adventure

This means that if you want 1 device to get as fast a community link as you can, by way of instance, if you’re performing a video conference phone, you may place your router to prioritize traffic to this apparatus at the cost of other people.

The primary difference will probably go unnoticed by plenty of customers, but it’s still there. Though the AC6900 has just one USB 3.0 interface, the AC7000 has a USB 3.0 interface AND a USB 2.0 port.


  • Compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa/Google Assistant — Control your home network with voice commands
  • AC1900 WiFi–600+1300 Mbps speeds
  • 1GHz dual core Chip
  • Advanced Attributes for lag-free Gambling
  • Prioritized bandwidth for streaming Movies or Audio
  • Beamforming+ Enhances Performance & Range to both 2.4 & 5GHz Apparatus

Netgear R6900 Driver Download Installation Guide

For Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and VISTA 32/64 Bit

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  • Size              :      31 MB

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