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Netgear WGR101 Review & Specs

NETGEAR has the ideal solution to your wireless online access needs from home. The WGR101 54 Mbps Wireless Travel Router is just as small as a deck of cards, yet supplies 54 Mbps wireless online access in addition to routing performance and safety. Utilize an outside switch to choose settings, or to empower either or multi-user access. A convenient carrying case is contained by that to take the traveller’s router together with other essentials.

Have you ever felt like having a wired Ethernet connection on your hotel room wasn’t much fun? Was the desk or seat uneasy sitting on the mattress or soft seat preferable whilst accessing the world wide web wirelessly? Have you ever wanted to possess handy wireless access for a bunch of individuals in a conference room.

Bottom Line

Even though NetGear’s WGR101 did not function in addition to the 3Com travel hub, its functionality is still much quicker than many hotel Internet connections and should not slow you down.

It’s the basic features to meet most road warriors. Such as the 3Com travel hub, the WGR101 has a four-position slipping button. But unlike its rival, just the first few places are used for today. Missing from the NetGear device is an Ethernet client style –a small omission, because you’re not likely to be bridging a Xbox (or such ) to an current wireless network on your hotel room.


In turn position 1, the WGR101 functions as a single-client entry stage, whereas the 3Com product can support many customers. But restricting use to one client can be helpful on the street, because it prevents others from adjoining rooms from linking to the resort’s network via your AP. (Multiple connections may lead to an extra online usage fee.)

Should you have to use this WGR101 as an AP for numerous programs, you may place the switch to position 2 for router style. In router mode, the WGR101 lacks a few of the more innovative features found from the 3Com traveling router, including port forwarding and Dynamic DNS. These attributes are not generally needed to get a travel router, but more sophisticated users may choose to get them.

While we believe WEP is likely adequate for many travelers, NetGear is promising an update to the stronger WPA security.


To start off I’ll attempt to describe the exceptional setup of the router. For simplicity Netgear made this so that somebody could plug it , and virtually never need to go in the router to modify settings. It’s a rather cool change on the side which lets you lock out the unit to all one wireless device.

Yet another location for numerous devices, and yet another for installation mode. Setup mode permits you to connect your notebook by means of a LAN cable and then alter any of those settings only incase something is not working right. 1 example is if you’re in a crowded wireless field, and also the default frequency has a network set up.

This way you’ll be able to adjust those settings with no outside interference. As it’s still possible to log into the router through both of the other modes, it merely provides you another alternative incase things are not working out for you.

Performance and Benchmarks

After playing around with all the features, I chose to place it head to head with my spare Linksys 802.11B BEFW11S4. To bring an additional challenge I used the tiniest Wifi card that I could find, being my Trendnet 802.11B USB rod (it was free after rebate, do not ask). This item has an internal antenna that the length of a game, so it might make the router battle it to get reception.


At 30 feet through one inside wall both the Linksys and the Netgear were in full strength reception. To have a precise rate test I logged on the and open and picked host to your run. I’d turn off a single router, then run the speed test. Once I was done with the first person, I’d switch over to provide another one a try.

This has been performed 3 times with every, and that I averaged out the results. The Netgear that’s approximately 5 times bigger than the Linksys, no outside antennas ended up beating it by nearly a 100kbps downward .

Now rememberthis was just testing on the 802.11B scope, so results will certainly be much better with the faster rate. Hopefully soon I can slip my friend’s routerand place this head to head against his altered wrt54gs, and determine that may find the superior overall rates.


  • Little 54 Mbps Wireless Router Which can be carried in a pocket
  • Internal Antenna design for durability
  • Includes Handy carrying case to store router Together with essentials
  • Three Style switch that can Choose between Setup, single-user, and multi-user
  • Up to 5X the speed and 2X the Assortment of 802.11b wireless

Netgear WGR101 Driver Download Installation Guide

For Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and VISTA 32/64 Bit

  • Filename    :      WGR101 Firmware Version
  • Size              :      1 MB

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