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Netgear WGT634U Review & Specs


With NETGEAR’s 108 Mbps Wireless Media Router you can have convenient access to your media and other files wherever you go. Simply connect a USB 2.0 hard disk drive or memory stick to your router. And store all of your documents from any computer on your home network.

After that, you are able to remotely access your MP3, pictures and other stored files. On the USB disk or memory stick from any wireless LAN notebook or desktop PC. Into your house or workplace, and out of any web-connected PC away from your house or workplace.

Wherever you are, you can easily share files with your family and friends members. By using the familiar Windows click commands, File> Open and File>Save As or by utilizing the”drag-and-drop” icon system. And where you’re, you can easily retrieve or save files into a router-attached disk driver. Simply by clicking on a remote file access icon on your PC desktop display.

It would appear there are millions of organizations in Taiwan. With ones we have never heard of popping up all of the time. OvisLink is among them, a media company that has seemingly existed since 1992.


Now it brought to our focus its fresh four 10/100 interface Wireless router. With a USB connection. The antenna is removable allowing users to upgrade to higher profit versions if necessary.

The initial Wireless router to incorporate a USB port was first Netgear’s WGT634U. First seen by Riyad in CESback in January. No matter how the OvisLink outdoes that by providing four USB 2.0 interfaces. Opening a range of possibilities. You might have an outside drive sharing audio, videos and graphics alongside. A web camera to track that workplace or even the nursery. You might also have a printer shared the entire time, and have a USB interface free.


The router can also be UPnP capable, which means that you can play games or even. Use programs such as VoIP. Content filtering rules may also be installed by to keep improper sites. Away from workers on the job or by kids at home.

Storage apart, the Netgear WGT634U wireless media router is a nice wireless router. Which is included with the exact same easy-to-use browser-based setup tool. Strong firewall, and high performance Atheros radio which we watched with all the Netgear WGT624 wireless firewall router.


Additionally, the WGT634U supports both WEP and WPA to encrypt your wireless links, in addition to URL content filtering. Which provides you some control on the websites your computers can get. The WGT634U may also log the Internet sites your computers already have accessed or tried to access.

Letting you track the links passing through your system. Such as the WGT624, the WGT634U lacks WDS, a signal-repeating technologies which may come in very handy should you have to expand the wireless coverage area in your house or building. Should you have to span a huge coverage area, think about a WDS-capable router, like the Buffalo AirStation.

The Netgear WGT634U wireless media router sports Super G Technology (link is a PDF document ), which boosts wireless connection rates to almost twice the speed of conventional 802.11g apparatus. particularly since the functioning of the item is so excellent. In CNET Labs tests, the WGT634U outpaced other 802.11g routers while displaying an impressive variety in our indoor tests, also, supplying stable connections up to 225 feet off.


  • USB disk drive or memory stick connectivity
  • Smart Wizard install assistant for Simple Installation
  • Supports both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
  • The router incorporates a print server in addition to an FTP server also can be VPN capable.
  • Security is Managed by IPsec and PPTP server Works, and Also an SP1 Firewall.

Netgear WGT634U Driver Download Installation Guide

For Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and VISTA 32/64 Bit

  • Filename    :      WGT634U Firmware Version
  • Size              :      5 MB

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