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Netgear WNDA4100 Review & Specs



Netgear WNDA4100 is a product offered by Netgear to you lovers internet world. You may want to know the specifications of this product below we describe a little.

Netgear WNDA4100 is the same as Netgear N900. Which can provide maximum speed compared to other products? Because of speed through the numbers up to 450 + 450 Mbps. Streaming video is perfect for several HD video streams. Especially for playing games. Rasanay is like we are playing in the real world. As long as the products that have been released are only very reliable products.

Why is a wireless adapter needed

The wireless adapter requires our location with a remote WiFi router. That exceeds a distance of more than 0.5 meters. And the resulting speed will decrease because it has been enlarged. Not to mention if this wifi is used by more than 3 users. It will be difficult to get the speed you want.
If you are using home wifi also the same as at the office. The wifi location is definitely used for all family members including visiting guests. Different if we use private wifi in the room. This does not require a wireless adapter.

What is a wireless adapter

Wireless Adaptor is software made by one of the electronic companies engaged in networking. The wireless adapter works as a signal amplifier that is received by a PC from a WiFi network beam. And after receipt will be received at a stable speed in accordance with the specifications of the product itself. Use this product using a USB port.

Where adapter products can be purchased

Many wireless products are sold on the market, maybe in your area, there are shops that sell computer equipment. Well, there must be a cable adapter for sale. Or this product can also be purchased at online stores. Only at slightly more expensive prices because we have made conventions at the shipping price. Which depends on the distance between the seller’s area and your area. It is better to look for it in the nearest store in the shopping center in your city.

Why is the wireless driver adapter needed

Like the meaning of the word “DRIVER” which is the driver. In the sense that another driver is helping to spin the computer then the wireless adapter is then used to pull the wireless signal. More or less so if we exemplify. Actually the function of the driver. The products we have bought in the market can be used on our computers. Instead of not working on the complications of the USB port.

How to install a wireless adapter

This is a little different. Because the product is currently circulating in the market. Is the result of various companies. So the procedure for installing different products. And it does not mean any product with a name that will be the same as the method of installation. The way to install each product and each type is different. Please check on Google. By way of “how to install (product name) to (name Operating System, like windows, MAC and Linux and mention the type)” example “how to install wireless adapter for windows 10”.

What is the difference between each wireless adapter product

Each product has its own specifications, the more recent years produced, the better it will be used. Because the features offered there are definitely superior. Because when a company produces a new adapter. Definitely, want to beat products from other companies. This is indeed commonplace for a company.

How to maintain a wireless adapter

How do you keep a product from getting the original performance from default? Because the name of electronic products is certainly vulnerable to injury. Whether it’s because of the user’s behavior or the diligence of the user himself. Therefore, always take care and care for the product so that it can provide benefits for you.
Always keep the temperature when using.

Always check the temperature during use. If the temperature on the product when touched is very hot. Then pause your internet connection. Then when the temperature has started to fall. You can immediately use it again. And for storage temperatures must also be considered. Do not let you save it behind the television. Because the hot temperature will also reduce the components in the product. Then make it a habit to use each product. Always cleaned using a tissue. Because at the time of use the product is susceptible to a fine dust which over time accumulates.

And will enter about the motherboard inside. If you do not clean every time you use up. Perform cleaning every other day. Or if not once a week. Or it can be once a month. What you don’t pass a month is not cleaning the product. And give extraordinary contributions to the work that you must complete. Hopefully, it’s useful.

Netgear WNDA4100 Driver Download Installation Guide

For Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, VISTA, XP 32/64 Bit

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