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Netis WF2120 Review & Specs

Netis WF2120 is a product with great offers. That can stabilize the performance of your computer to send files and receive files simultaneously. The users certainly benefit greatly. Because this product is able to stabilize the internet connection. and able to process signals at high speed.

We will describe a bit of the Linksys AE1200 specifications technically and the Linksys AE1200 specification physically. And at the end, we will describe a little extra knowledge for those of you who know about a wireless adapter. All right, we just explain the specifications.

Adapter that is capable of processing signals obtained from the transmitter center, ie wifi, up to 150Mbps. The level of security used by Linksys AE1200 is WPA2. Will secure and protect the network that is connected to your computer. The Frequency Range of Linksys AE1200 is 2.4-2.4835GHz. and to connect to a computer you need to install via USB with Port 2.0.

Then for the physical specifications of the Linksys AE1200, it has a small dimension that only measures 14 x 19 x 7 mm.  The Certification on Linksys AE1200 products is using: BSMI, FCC, NCC, CE, KC. And what needs to be maintained is the temperature at operation, which is at a temperature of 0 ℃ up to 40 ℃. A temperature at storage ranges from -40 ℃ to 70 ℃. Then for the temperature of the operating humidity, which is 10% to 90% non-condensation. And the temperature of the humidity during storage is around 5% to 90% non-condensing too.


Wireless adapters are used by client computers to receive and transmit signals. Wireless adapters have a working principle that is almost the same as access, but simpler. If there is memory or a processor in an access point, the wireless adapter is not as complex as an access point. This device is a standard device used for access devices based on its use in general. The wireless adapter is divided into two types, namely.

Wireless Adapter for PC
Wireless adapters for PCs generally use slot PCI. In addition to the PCI wireless adapter slot, we can install the desktop computer using a PCMCIA card. However, to install it one more holder for the card is needed, so that it will require more costs in operation.
Wireless Adapters for Netbook, PDA, and others

Unlike the wireless adapters on desktop computers, the netbook wireless adapter is a card that can be called the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA). Actually, PCMCIA cards are not only used on a notebook, but can also be used on desktop computers. But for it requires new hardware named the holder. Below this is one example of a wireless adapter image.

Wireless adapter functions

The wireless adapter functions to connect a computer (or other devices) to a wireless network.
to share an internet connection, use a wireless router.
the function of the router is to connect to a network with other networks, in this case, the network of internet providers with a home network.

if the computer (or other devices) has no wireless adapter, it must be installed.
for desktop computers, you can use a USB wireless adapter, for laptops, usually, there is a wireless adapter now, just activate it.

So what to buy ?? can be both.
wireless router to share an internet connection (this is the most needed).
wireless adapter (for computers) to connect to the wireless network from the wireless router.

Netis WF2120 Driver Download Installation Guide

For Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, VISTA, XP 32/64 Bit

  • Filename    :      netis WF2120&WF2111 Driver for
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